Thomas Robert Meyers


                                                                   muscle memory 44x48

       Thomas Robert Meyers is a self taught artist that has been creating since 1989. First working mainly with polaroid type 669 transfers, but evolving into new ways of seeing and creating with new materials. Currently working with cut film, metal printing, and digital layout . His work has been exhibited in galleries, museums and publications, and pieces reside in private collections in Japan, France, Germany and the United States .

“My work is an attempt to materialize and communicate the subconscious residue and psychological turmoil stemming from the inevitable death of the physical body, that we as humans all must face. Emerging from this innate knowledge of our own finite state, is everything from spirituality to sexuality to psychosis. In death lies the answers to life, and should be examined rather than feared.”  - Thomas Robert Meyers


2002 Juried National exhibition  ( Philips MIll, New Hope, PA. )
2003 Juried National exhibition  ( Philips Mill, New Hope, PA ) 3rd place
2004 Juried National exhibition  ( Philips Mill , New Hope, PA) 2nd place
2005 Juried National exhibition  ( Prallsville Mill, Stockton, NJ) 1st place
2009 Porter Gallery (Hamilton, NY )
2010  Copius show ( Salt Art Gallery, Phila. PA, )
2012  Erotic show ( Parlor Gallery, NJ)
2012  Munson Williams Proctor Art Museum  61st CNY show (Utica, NY)

2013 Dark was the night show ( Parlor Gallery, NJ )

2013  Members show New Hope Arts Center ( New Hope, PA )

Publications/ published

Camera Arts Magazine international showcase edition 2007 nov./dec.
New Art International book/magazine 2008-2009 edition

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